As a global registry, BWR includes records for buildings, monuments and built sites worldwide that date from prehistory to the present. While we aspire to grow the number of BWR records substantially with the help of community contributors, these initial sample records demonstrate the basic construct, data model, and functionality of what we hope will become a core set of identity management records for architecture and the built environment.

Our definition of a built work is any structure, or associated structure, which has been designed and created through human effort and is habitable at the human scale. With few exceptions, BWR does not include structures that are wholly moveable and/or intended for temporary use. BWR does not include objects for which the entire work might typically be housed in museums, special collections, natural history or scientific collections. BWR does not include works that were designed through human effort but were never built.

Collaboration is a key to building BWR as an aggregated data set. As a networked, distributed project, BWR draws from and relies upon contributors throughout the global community not only to participate in the development of the resource, but to build and maintain it over time. The community is a critical element of the project’s strategy. Our initial set of BWR records have been derived from records contributed by the following libraries and cultural repositories: