BWR is intended to allow an unlimited number of contributors to participate in building and maintaining the file as a community-generated resource. The continued growth and usefulness of BWR will depend on institutional as well as individual user contributions.


Individuals may propose additions to the BWR. To propose new records, individuals need to request a login to Shared Shelf, our data contribution platform.

Request login to BWR on Shared Shelf

Your login credential and instructions will be sent to you via email together with a URL to the BWR Shared Shelf site. Once you are logged-in, you can propose new records to BWR. Proposed works will be reviewed and enhanced by the BWR editor as needed prior to upload.


BWR welcomes contributions from institutions and/or cultural repositories. Institutions interested in contributing data sets to the BWR should contact us at In your communication to us, please provide institution name and description of your institution, the size and general scope of records you wish to contribute, data model and data standards used to construct your records.